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Living in Israel, I only have one day, with a day 'off' before Shabbat. However, I have company from the US, so I will still end up serving 6 yom tov meals (even if I spread out the cooking). Here are my menus.

Wed night: out

Thursday lunch (total = 22 people): melon, brisket with potatoes, Italian chicken cutlets with rice, sweet potato kugel, noodle kugel, salad, apple pie, peach pie, cookies

Thursday night: chicken soup with kreplach, garlic chicken, broccoli, fruit salad

Friday lunch: sweet and sour salmon, mushroom barekas

Friday night (total = 10 people): gefilte fish, cabbage soup, honey mustard chicken, cranberry apple kugel, sesame salad, cherry pie

Shabbat lunch: (total for meal = 10, for dessert total = 20)fruit salad, grilled chicken breasts, (cholent if the current heat wave breaks), potato salad, lemon pie, apple pie, cookies, jelly roll

Yes, I do bake a lot *g*.

And finally, a couple of suggested main courses for people who are looking for quick and easy ideas. Scallopine (made with either chicken or veal) and pepper steak (can be beef or chicken). Both involve basically browning meat and sauteeing vegetables (the scallopine meat is dipped in flour before browning, and white wine and half a cup of soup is added to the vegetables). The chopping is the most time consuming part; the cooking goes quickly and it can be made on yom tov itself (provided you have left a burner on) or made in advance and simply reheated before the meal. Serve with rice.
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