So Not Much (eotu) wrote in aishet_sheretz,
So Not Much

Disaster recovery

OK, not really disaster, but a tough nut...

Last November, I lost my system to a virus. Had to nuke it from orbit and reinstall. I tried to back up all my personal files before I wiped the hard disk, but wouldn't ya know I neglected to back up my Pesach lists. I searched my server thoroughly, combed through my CD-ROM backup. Nothin'.

Now I have to recreate 15 years worth of cleaning, shopping, and kashering lists. Ugh.

The obvious things like "clean the refrigerator" and "buy Matzoh" are easy, but there are always stupid little things that I forget from year to year and need to be reminded of.

I'm asking this community to share their gotchas on cleaning and kashering, because while shopping is way personal, I'm pretty sure all the secret cleaning gotchas that were on my list are also on at least one of your lists, too.

Thanks for any help. I promise to back it up this time. No, really!
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