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Mama Deb

Update -the timer

My best friend in this whole thing has been my timer. The control notebook (whether on paper, on the computer or on your handheld) is a good idea but it has to be remembered. The proverbial shiny sink - oh, yeah. My version is an empty dishdrainer, but, yes, it's a simple success.

I haven't been doing them.

But the timer - my goodness. Because you'd be amazed at what you can do in fifteen minutes of work. In two fifteen minute bursts, I started getting a handle on my kitchen last night. In one last night, with my husband's help, I managed to fill two large trash bags and two recyling bags.

And today - today my kitchen, which had been a total disaster (grocery bags everywhere, counter cluttered with everything you can imagine, floor so messy I couldn't even *sweep*, let along wash it, stove crusted and greasy...well, you get the idea.) has all four corners visible. Has been swept. The counters have been cleared and washed. The stove is still bad, but I can get to that tomorrow since I've done my Shabbos shopping.

I can finish up on Sunday, easily. And I can do the rest of the house with my husband's help - and that of the timer. We'll be eating take out chometz or pesadich with paper and plastic from Monday on, and I'll be using my evenings to finish up. By Thursday, I'll have refilled the fridge and started the cooking marathon, which is the fun part.

But I'll be doing everything but the cooking in fifteen minute intervals with ten minute rest periods.
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