Rocky_T (rocky_t) wrote in aishet_sheretz,

more Rosh Hashana menus

Since mamadeb posted her menus for the chag, I thought I'd do the same. (Recipes available on request).

Wednesday night: various 'simanim' (apple in honey, beets, dates, pomegranite, tongue--in lieu of a fish head, 'shehecheyanu' fruit), gefilte fish, chicken soup, Italian chicken cutlets with rice, broccoli, peach pie and cookies

Thursday lunch: (milchig) melon, salmon, mushroom berekas, ice cream

Thursday night: redux of previous night, only main course is the rest of the tongue in a sweet and sour sauce

Friday lunch: (milchig) fruit salad, quiche, lasagna

Friday night: soup, honey-mustard chicken, kugels (potato and carrot), cake

Shabbat lunch: gazpacho, grilled chicken breasts, cold cuts, salad, apple pie and cookies

We are a family of six (including two very hungry teenage boys), plus will be having company at nearly every meal. Needless to say, I'm spending the next 3 days in the kitchen!
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