kressel (kressel) wrote in aishet_sheretz,

Purim is coming

Purim is a few weeks away, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to share ideas for themed shaloch manos. I figure, we all live in different communities, so if one of us copies an idea that someone else's friend has done, who's gonna know?

My themed shaloch manos have never gone over that well. One year I copied a Jerusalem kugel theme, pickle and cute poem included, but it seemed like one of those things people always do. I have a fish-shaped cookie cutter, so another year I made cookies for mazal Adar and put them on blue bags of ripple potato chips. They were supposed to be fish in water, but I don't think anyone got it. The cutest shaloch manos I ever received was "A Gantz Yohr Purim" (a whole year Purim) and contained a tiny apple and jar of honey, a little cheesecake, a model seder table, and other foods I don't remember.

So, any suggestions?
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